People who almost exclusively base their existence on retard media find the term unacceptable

I have found there is widespread disapproval to the term „retard media“. 😐

I find the disapproval is mostly down to people basing their identity, their social status, their character, etc. on the image of themselves presented in such media. They don’t care that the technology is retarded; or they do care – but mostly insofar as they do not wish their own name to be blemished with a term like „retarded“.

Apparently, they feel unable to liberate and/or emancipate themselves from brand names which they think are accepted by a sort of moral majority. They seem relatively unaffected by their own lacking literacy skills. They are much more concerned about how their image is affected. They do not want to promote scientific knowledge, transparency or the greater good. They want the optimized version of themselves – their „selfie“ image – to dupe people into thinking they are a celebrity, a wizard, a star or whatever.

Perhaps a concrete example will help to clarify the issue.

Alfred Nobel was the dude who started the Nobel Prize business. He also made a lot of money by selling explosives – in other words: his name is very closely associated with death, destruction, chaos, etc. So this guy comes up with a spectacular marketing gimmick: Give away prizes, and thereby cleanse his image as a result of how much people associate his name with wonderful people – the celebrated celebrities.

Mr. Nobel is long gone, but his prizes live on. I find it rather curious to consider how much money can be made from this explosive stuff, but apparently at least enough to pay for galas, ceremonies, all sorts of celebrations, let alone the prizes themselves. Then again, there are many people who will write about the whole circus, and so that is money the Nobel organization doesn’t have to spend on advertising. People who buy explosives from Nobel can rest assured that the money is going to an apparently „good cause“.

When Bob Dylan stepped onto stages a half a century ago, he would be very critical of such „Masters of War“. Today, he seems to be much more willing to accept their praise. It will be interesting to see / hear / read / whatever what this protest singer doth say about his literary past, and how he reconciles it with his more receptive present.

The point here is that „Nobel“ is simply a brand name – it is empty and meaningless… and as such it is an example of retard media par exellence. People may be able to fill it with shedloads of grandiose blather and hot air, but to a rational thinker – someone who has acquired enough literacy skills to see through the mind-numbing propaganda spiel – it remains empty and meaningless. Yet if Mr. Zimmerman is able to sell some more albums and perhaps a couple of books by graciously smiling and accepting the prize, then what would you expect a shrewd businessman to do?

He would probably do much the same thing that advocates of other retard media do: seek to profit from the promotional advertising for their own goods, products and services… and never once mention how incredibly bogus retard media truly is.

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