Anti-Dis-Establishment-Arian-Ism + AntiDisInterMediaTion

In this post, I plan to give you a small insight into some of the marketing / branding ideas I developed for this blog. One of the BIG IDEA moments behind „remediary“ is simply that antidisintermediation is nothing other than remediation (and as that is in a rather oblique way the goal / rationailty behind the my argumentation for rational media in the sense of algorithmic, functional, operational,… – new media, media that „works“, etc.) for business goals without needing a lot of busy bodies to do it, without even needing any algorithms, software programs and such – using nothing more than the technology of natural language (a sort of gift from nature / God / the Gods / evolution / whatever).

In my original thinking behind what I used to refer to as „the Wisdom of the Language“ (which, now that I think about it, I may one of these days resurrect under the heading of „rational media“), my thinking about intermediation (and similar intermediary roles) was focused primarily on bringing together business people in a spirit of collaboration. I continue to feel my thinking behind this was valid – but I naively and mistakenly overlooked the simple fact that the vast majority of business people are by and large illiterate (remember that my notion of literacy includes what many people refer to as „media literacy“, „online literacy“, „digital literacy“, etc.).

The „Wisdom of the Language“ ideas are now more than 10 years old. Yet they still remain inaccessible to illiterate people – indeed, to the vast majority of the population. In the intervening decade I have been quite frustrated to come to this realization. Now, reflecting on the past decade, I also realize that I have made many connections to very literate people. Perhaps, I think, maybe I should try to develop these relationships more. Perhaps the people „in the media“ do have a meaningful role to play after all. Perhaps the ability to create and formulate expressions representing ideas is not a gift given from the heavens after all. Perhaps we need a special class of literate people to interpret and translate ideas that ordinary business people may have, but seem to remain unable to express, to communicate, to understand or convey.

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